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Protect your Sansa e260 Player!
Protect your Sansa e260 Player!

Polycarbonate Case for Sansa E200 player

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  • Clear tough polycarbonate case with anodized aluminum flip-cover. Your Sansa E200 Series player stays protected while traveling, and when you get where you're going, flip the cover open and your case becomes a stand.
Polycarbonate Case for Sansa E200 player-- Light pink metal on small portion of the case opens up and can be sed as a stand.

• Made of clear tough polycarbonate
• Anodized aluminum cover flips open to turn into a stand
• includes a lanyard so you can hang the player around your neck
• Protects your player from scratches

Note: only for use with E200 Series players. Not for use with any other players including the Clip models. Use for Sansa e250, e260, e270, e280.

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