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About us

Accessible Electronics is a family owned business created by Laz Mesa, who has been totally blind since 1996 and his lovely wife Claire. The business was started in 2009 after Laz was looking for an affordable and accessible MP3 player for himself. He looked over the over-priced blind only players and tried at least a couple of screenless players considered accessible at that time but left a lot to be desired, he continued his search until he discovered Rockbox and the Sansa players. After setting up his first Sansa player and using it for about a week and a half, it struck him that there might be some other blind or visually impaired users out in the world who could use one of these affordably priced Talking MP3 Players to play their music, audiobooks, podcasts, and audio described movies and TV shows.

A website was created and we started promoting our Talking MP3 Players on a few buy and sell lists for blind and visually impaired folks. The response was immediate whith blind and visually impaired folks asking questions and placing orders.

Since then, we've increased our inventory by adding many accessories for use with our Talking MP3 Players as well as with other devices. We've also added many Bluetooth items, such as transmitters, receivers, headsets, and speakers, as well as accessible phones and even offer affordably priced phone plans!

We take the effort and struggle out of trying to figure out how to do something yourself by having the items completely set up and accessible by the time they reach your hands. We also send you directions for using these items via email once your package is shipped out and have a collection of audio tutorials for using the Talking MP3 Players right on the player as well as being available on our site.

On this site, you'll find several models of Sansa portable digital media players which we've made accessible for blind and visually-impaired people and which are priced very affordably. They also have much-better features for sighted people! If you already own certain models of the Sansa line of players you wish to make accessible, we can do that for you as well!

You'll also find many accessories, Bluetooth items, accessible phones, and phone service plans.

Our friendly customer support is something that we're very proud of. We believe in treating others as we ourselves would like to be treated, so feel free to contact us if you need some customer support!

Our goal is to provide products and services geared towards enabling accessibility for you at an affordable price.

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