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Magnetic Micro USB cable
Magnetic Micro USB cable

Magnetic Micro Data/Charging USB Cable

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Part Number:33-2
  • New and Improved magnetic microUSB cable! You insert the tip once and never remove it or put it back in!
  • • microUSB fits the older version Victor Reader Stream, Victor Reader Trek, Benji and other devices
  • • Will work with either of our new Type C or Micro USB additional Tips!
  • • It's a simple yet perfect solution to prevent charging port damage due to dust adhesion, wear and tear, frayed charging cables, tripping over cable resulting in damaged devices, difficulties in inserting cable into devices, and more, thereby extending the device's life.
  • • Compatible with all devices using a microUSB charging port.
  • * Please the choose the size cable from the combo box below, We have both 3 and 6 ft!
  • Get a discount on additional magnetic tips when you purchase it with this item!
  • • Super strong magnet. Both Sides work for Charging or Data Transfer!

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Cable Length
Additional Magnetic tips
Newest Generation Magnetic Cable, comes with Micro USB detachable tip. Will work with New Generation Type C tip, sold separately. For Charging or Data Transfer!


Protect your expensive electronic devices with one of these new magnetic cables! As most of you know one of the weakest links on any device which is most susceptible to damage due to wear and tear is the charging port. Well, we now have a great solution for this problem! It's a magnetic microUSB cable! Think of a regular USB cable, on one end is the plug you insert into a USB port. The other end has the microUSB plug which is inserted into the device's charging port. That plug which goes into the charging port connects to the rest of the USB cable magnetically so when done charging one just slides the cable part away while leaving the tiny microUSB plug inserted inside the charging port. As you never have to disconnect and reconnect it there's no more stress put on that charging port avoiding any damage to it! It would be understandable if you were to forget it was there as the part that's exposed is less than 0.08 inches and doesn't even interfere with the very snug fit of any case! Works with any device with a microUSB charging port such as the Benji Talking Player, certain Android smart phones, the older version of Victor Stream etc.

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