Returns Policy

Returns Policy

We offer refunds within 15 days of receipt of the package if you change your mind or are dissatisfied. Your first step would be contacting customer Support. If the customer support step failed to resolve your issue and it has been agreed that a return is the only recourse, then the item may be returned to us ensuring to include the item or items as they were originally shipped to you.

We offer a 1 year limited replacement warranty on any Talking MP3 Players we sell which turn out to be defective.

We offer a 90-day replacement warranty on any other items we sell which turn out to be defective.

Items such as Miccus products and micro SD cards have a one year limited Manufacturer Warranty.
If your Miccus product seems to be defective it's best to contact Miccus within 45 days:[email protected]
We can help you with Tech support on using it with your player and accessibility issues or instructions.

You have 90 days or 1 year from the date of order to contact us regarding any defective items you have purchased from Accessible Electronics.

Follow the rules listed below. Please return to us at least 3 weeks before the end of your warranty to give us time to process it.


1.  Please return the item with complete packaging as originally shipped, for example player, USB/charging cable, earphones, packing material, and product box.  It is not necessary to return any accessories which were purchased along with the player.
2.  Please do not mark or deface any items, packaging, or the product box  in any manner.
3.  Please put the product box into a padded(bubble wrap) envelope minimally and ensure that it is secure and adequately protected from damage during transit, that is the player itself is also bubble wrapped (ship product same method as received for simplicity).
4.  We highly recommend that you insure the package and the use of a traceable shipping carrier for electronics returns.(You may simply use 1st Class Mail-which should cost $2 to $5 in a bubble wrap envelope with delivery confirmation) 
5.  Please include a note with your name, address, and a complete description of the reason for the item’s return.
6.  Send returns to:

Accessible Electronics
4803 S 23rd Ave
Tampa, FL 33619


1.  Within a period of 90 days or 1 year (depending on item and purchase date) after placement of order, any items found to be defective may be returned by the original buyer for repair, exchange, or credit towards an item of equal or higher value.  The exchange value or credit will be in the amount of your original purchase price.  Note, if you purchased any item as a gift for someone else, you must contact us with the contact information for that individual so that they may be able to return any defective items.
2.  If you notice shipping damage to the package upon delivery, please note the fact with the delivery person or company.
3.  Since Accessible Electronics offers free –shipping on orders, we will not be responsible for any return shipping costs thereafter.  The buyer is responsible for all return shipping.  The buyer may ship the package using the delivery method of buyer’s choice, but COD deliveries will not be accepted.
4.  No exchange or credit will be issued for any item that a buyer returns to Accessible Electronics but which gets lost or damaged in transit.  These lost or damaged items are not the responsibility of Accessible Electronics.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to file claims with the carrier upon the discovery of the problem.
5.  No exchange or credit will be issued for items returned without complete packaging and support material as originally shipped, for example missing either player, USB/charging cable, earphones, packing material, or product box.
6.  No exchange or credit will be issued for any item that we find was damaged by the buyer’s abuse, misuse, carelessness, neglect, or tampering..  Marking the product, product packaging, or box or otherwise defacing it will also be considered damage.


1.  Upon receipt of a returned item, it will be thoroughly inspected.
2.  We may need to contact the buyer for any further information which we feel may be relevant.
3.  When our inspection is complete, we will inform the buyer of our findings and the decision we have reached.
4.  If the item meets with our returns criteria and can be fixed or brought up to its original functionality, it will be returned to the buyer in functioning condition.
5.  If the item meets with our criteria for returns and cannot be fixed or brought up to its original functionality, it will be replaced with another player of equal or higher value, as determined by the buyer, with any price difference being paid by the buyer.
6.  If the item does not meet with our criteria for returns, it will be returned to the buyer at the buyer’s expense.
7.  For any items which did not meet our criteria for returns, the buyer has two (2) weeks to pay for return shipping of the item to the buyer.  Any such items left with us for over two (2) weeks, will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at our discretion.


1.  The warranty will be null and void 90 days or 1 year (depending on item and date of purchase) after placement of original order.
2.  The warranty will be null and void if customer attempts to defraud Accessible Electronics in any way, including attempting to get exchange or credit value for any items not originally purchased from Accessible Electronics.  We do maintain complete records of each buyer’s history, including the serial numbers of each item that has been purchased by that buyer.


1.  Any refused packages will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.  In addition, refused orders may be subject to additional shipping charges to cover the cost of returning the products to Accessible Electronics plus any damage found to have occurred to the items during transit.
2.  International refusals are subject to taxes, import and export fees, as well as return shipping costs, any damage to items,  and the 15% restocking fee.\

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