Shipping Information

Free Shipping in the US!

For International and Canadian Orders only:

International excluding Canada: Our Discounted Priority Mail International Shipping is based on bulk and weight. If it does not fit (in this case there is a size not a weight limit) in the Priority Mail small flat rate package $18.99 it will be $29.99. If the package is over 1.1 pounds it will be $34.99, over 2 pounds $38.99 and over 3 pounds $44.99. 

For Canada: If it does not fit in the small flat rate $14.99, it will be $24.99 for up to 4 pounds. Note: The International Priority Mail regular package shipping which starts at $29.99 and is $24.99 for Canada is the more secure shipping method and we can insure these packages. 

We are greatly discounting the actual rate and typically pay $10 out of our pocket in addition to send International Priority Mail orders by this method.

Your order will be automatically calculated by size and weight, typically we can fit up to 3 Mp3 Players and 2 to 3 small accessories in the small flat rate box= $18.99 or for Canada=$14.99 for an example. We can send one Miccus RTX with 2 smaller items or just  2 RTX(as an example) in the new Priority mail flat rate envelope available = $18.99 or $14.99 Canada, but anything more than this unless a very small accessory will typically have to be at the higher rate, $29.99 amd $24.99 for Canada. The Hive or Audition headset because of it's size will have to be $29.99 International/$24.99 Canada.

Please note:

Any International order which contains the Miccus Pool Party Speakers will have to be sent at a highest rate $44.99 price because the item weighs over 3 pounds itself in the box with it's accessories. For a Canada order the shipping would be $24.99

We will send packages at the lower First class rate to other countries especially Canada upon request, however you would have to assume the responsibility for the method of shipping you choose.

Items such as Talking Mp3 Players or the Jogger headset may be removed from their box so we can send it at the low rate which we'll do at our discretion for those 2 items unless otherwise requested. We can possibly do this with other devices upon your request to save space.

Please call us at 727-498-0121 for help if needed. The system may not work out perfectly and you can request a possible adjustment. You may also email [email protected] for a shipping estimate.

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