This week: $10 off Talking Samsung Haven, Sansa Clip Zip $69.99 + New Daily Deals Page!

Posted by Laz Mesa on 8/20/2015 to Specials
Hi all, For those who haven't looked at our Daily Deals, here are some fantastic savings you've missed: • An Android Phone was offered for free with the purchase of one months $55 Page Plus plan! • The Miccus Mini-jack TX-Bluetooth Transmitter was available for $20 off the retail price, just $29.99! • 32 GB Micro SD card for $22.99-Still running at the time of this writing! Be sure to check our Daily Deal every day, as you never know what you might miss! You can see the Daily Deal right on the home page or at: Don't forget we still have a few $69.99 Sansa Clip Zip 4GB Talking players and a couple of $89.99 Sansa Clip Plus 8GB talking players on special. Order them from: We have a great deal going on right now in which you can get a Samsung Haven for only $59.99! We also have the Samsung Haven Charging Cradle You can order it on the Samsung Haven's order page, or you can get it on the cables and charging accessories page: Here's some information on this accessible Samsung Haven keypad phone (not touch screen phone): Samsung Haven accessible flip phone with all voice features fully set up. Excellent condition, lightly used , comes with a phone charger. Use with Verizon Wireless or prepaid services such as Verizon prepaid, Page Plus or Tracfone. The Samsung Haven has built-in, digitally recorded human speech in a clear female voice that speaks everything on the phone's display, including caller ID, menu items, and it echoes keypad presses. The texting is accessible, and it also has the Voice Command feature. It's designed to be an easy-to-use phone. This model features a large display and keypad, digital TTY, maximum hearing aid compatibility, dedicated keys for both 911 and an emergency contact, speakerphone, and voice control. The Haven is ideal for those seeking an easy-to-operate phone, and also great for the blind and visually impaired. Other key features include SMS text messaging, and a language setting for English or  Spanish. Lightly used Samsung Haven phone $59.99. You can order it from or give me a call at 727-498-0121 or Skype me at lazmesa for your credit card order or to have a PayPal payment request sent. We feel that Page plus offers a great service at a very affordable price for the Samsung Haven, so we decided to become Page Plus dealers! Take a look at the monthly plans or Pay as You Go minutes below they're very competitive in price while using the same towers as the number one service provider in the US, Verizon. Here are the Page Plus plans: $12.00 Talk n Text 250 Plan with 250 Minutes, 250 Messages & 10 mb of data $29.95 Talk n Text 1200 Plan with 1200 Minutes, 3000 Messages & 500 mb of data $39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text Plan with Unlimited Minutes/Messages & 1 GB of data $55.00 Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages & Unlimited data with 3 GB of data at 4G speeds $69.95 Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages with Unlimited data & 5 GB of data at 4G speeds Pay As You Go: 10 Cents per Minute: $10.00 / 100 Minute Refill Card (Good for 120 Days) 6 Cents per Minute: $25.00 / 400 Minute Refill Card (Good for 120 Days) 5 Cents per Minute: $50.00 / 1000 Minute Refill Card (Good for 120 Days) 4 Cents per Minute: $80.00 / 2000 Minute Refill Card (Good for 1 YEAR/365 Days) If you already have a qualifying phone, which would be any Verizon phone give us a call to switch to a Page Plus plan. We have additional phones on our site for Page Plus and other services: Don't forget to check out all the great deals we have currently at, including Sansa Clip Plus, and Sansa Clip Zip Talking Mp3 Players and bargains on all of our accessories. To find out about our current deals visit our News & Specials page, Specials category: This special is good through Monday August 24th. Your questions are always welcome. Best regards, Laz Mesa Accessible Electronics Making affordable Talking MP3 Players available since 2009! Based in the US

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