Memorial Week: Daily Deal Victor Stream, Talking MP3 Players 8GB $85.99, Talking Phones etc..

Posted by Laz Mesa on 5/29/2016 to News
Check out our Daily Deals page for this special offer:

For our Memorial Week special, we have the 8GB Sansa Clip Plus Talking MP3 Player available for just $85.99, one more week only, the 4GB Sansa Clip Plus at the special low price has sold out! We also have a few Sansa Clip Zip Talking MP3 Players in stock and ready to be shipped out. You can read about them and place your order at the following URL:

We have the newest Victor Stream for just $339.99 on a clearance special so we can order some more:

Our Talking Daisy Book & Media Player is $229 this week, it comes with a wall charger, earphones, USB cable and lanyard, fits in your pocket, and can read Daisy and EBooks with full navigation features, and plays your favorite non-protected music and audiobooks. It comes with 2 Ivona voices Sally and Joey and the reading and system voices don't have to be the same voice. So you can use Joey to read the system menus and Sally to read your Daisy and EBooks or vice versa, or you can just choose one of them to be both the system and reading voice.

You can listen to my interview with JJ from Blind Bargains as I answer questions and demonstrate this new Daisy player by following this link: Blind Bargains Podcast #40:

Talking Daisy Book & Media Player with Free Bluetooth Speaker! Bluetooth accessory deals & more!

Posted by Laz Mesa on 4/20/2016 to News

Hi everyone,

Get our new Talking Daisy Book & Media Player today & tomorrow discounted to only $229 with a free Portable Water resistant Bluetooth Mini Shower Speaker ($27.99 value)!

Listen to your player from the shower if you enable it to use Bluetooth:

Enable your Talking Daisy Book & Media Player, Victor Stream, Talking MP3 Player or any other device with audio playback capability with a 3.5mm headphone jack to use Bluetooth for wireless listening pleasure! Download and listen to this audio presentation in which I demonstrate using the Miccus Mini-jack Bluetooth Transmitter and receiver with my Talking MP3 Player:

Bluetooth transmitters and receivers on special starting at just $34.99 with the purchase of this Talking Book Player, Victor Stream or Talking Mp3 Player. Just choose it from the combo box below any of our players! 

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