Last Chance for Free wall charger! Special discounts on all items on our site!

Posted by Laz Mesa on 7/19/2015 to News

Supplies are low again on Sansa Clip Zip 8 GB & even lower on the Sansa Clip Plus. Get them this week with a free wall charger while supplies last! 

 This is a deal we have had often which won't last long due to the rising price of the Sansa players from our suppliers at this time.

Get a free wall/travel charger with your purchase of any Talking MP3 Player! Read on to find out about special savings on nearly every item on our site! This was popular deal so we decided to bring it back for one more week!!

Talking Sansa Clip Players as low as $65.99 and lowest prices on Bluetooth receiver and transmitter

Posted by Laz Mesa on 7/13/2015 to News
Hi all, This week we have a discount on all Talking Sansa Clip Mp3 Players as low as $65.99 including the Talking Sansa Clip Zip Talking MP3 Players which our currently in stock! You also get 20% off Bluetooth items, 25% off all other accessories & 30% off microSD cards with any Talking Mp3 player purchase! Make your choices in the combo boxes found below the player you're ordering on the player's page.
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