Awesome low priced no contract plans on Accessible Phones, great deal: Talking Flip Phones or Talking Android Phone!

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Awesome low priced no contract plans on Accessible Phones, great deal: Talking Flip Phones or Talking Android Phone!

We'd like to announce that we now offer new Selectel plans which is on the Verizon network with more affordable plans with much better deals than Page Plus or Verizon on unlimited calling plus better options for International Calling with US based Customer Service, should you need to contact them as we'll help with most issues while still being on the Verizon Network.

We are usually the only customer service needed and we can provide the service of ensuring your plan is refilled monthly with no calling or hassles if you opt for auto refill!

For those of you with smartphones or flip phones we also offer Simple Mobile on the T-Mobile Network or Net-10 on the AT&T Network, described below as well!

These are prepaid plans all without contract or additional fees!

All customers on the $29.95 Page Plus Plan please know you are currently getting 1500 minutes of talk and on the Selectel $30 plan you will get unlimited Talk and Text Plus 1 GB of high speed data for the same price same Verizon network, better customer service!

The lowest monthly plan is $15 which is described below--it has more minutes and text than the $12 Page Plus plan. Anyone who would like to switch from the $12 plan they are currently on to the $15 plan will get Unlimited talk and unlimited text the first month as a special offer.

If you are looking for a very low priced option and are on the $12 plan, we also have a $75 a year option that will give you 2000 Talk Minutes & 2000 Text Messages for the year.

More good news Selectel plans for customers with 4G phones, example iPhone 5 or above and most newer smartphones start at only $20! The first month anyone activates on this plan will receive the same extra minutes and text as new $15 plan customers!

Below we have outlined the plans and some of the phones it can be used on:

Check out our great deal on a Brand-New Talking Samsung Gusto 3, it's compatible with Verizon, Selectel Wireless and Page Plus. These are great new in the box phones with brand new wall charger and battery:

The Samsung Gusto 3 is a newer model flip phone with  accessibility like  the Samsung Haven as well as the iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S, all of which work on Selectel Wireless, Verizon, Page Plus, or Tracfone : 

New Bluetooth Accessories for Blind Book and Mp3 Players includes demo

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Enable  Book and Mp3 Players to work wirelessly with these special Bluetooth deals:
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