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Stick-on Clip for Portable Players

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Part Number:144
  • Easy New Stick- On Belt or Pocket Clip!
  • Add to Any Portable Player For Convenience!
  • Works as a Replacement for Worn Out Clips As well!
Peel-off-and-stick belt clip  

Whether you have a player that didn't originally come with a belt clip, or the belt clip on your player broke, you can now easily attach a belt clip to your player. Once the belt clip is attached to your player you can easily slide it on and off your belt or clothing. Keep your player secure while you move around and protect if from drops.
Very light weight and convenient, I've used it with all my Talking Sansa Clip Players, the new Benji Talking Mp3 Player and our Talking Daisy Book Player.

• Simple peel off and stick application
• Replace broken belt clip on your Sansa and other players
• Attach a belt clip on players that didn't originally come with one
• Rated to resist up to 3 pounds of pull

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